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Sunday, 01 March 2009 09:30


My old fatherThis painting " My old father" characterizes a typical in father in Lamu, wearing traditional chothes. Issa Holm preferred a three-quarter or profile view that allowed her to show a bedroom plan in the background and the curtain in which balanced and made the impression of the painting deeper. "My old father" is sitting in an original old mahogany bed with a blue bedcover on it. The artist has chosen the contrasting colours blue and yellow, she built the figure by using nearly the same mahogany colours as the bed some light colours in the same brown tone to show some shades in the figure.

Much attention was paid to the clothes. The garment is open in the front that gives the impression of a warm day. Both the garment and the hat are in white and are worn by men in Lamu at a daily basis and also at weddings. Issa Holm is not focusing on the small details, she rather forms and accumulates shape, and composed the curtain by adding brushstroke on top of brushstroke and concentrating on working vertical in order to create near lines in front of the paint. The brushstrokes on the background wall are horizontal.

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