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Kirsten Julie Smådahl PDF Print Email
Friday, 27 February 2009 14:46

Fatma Issa Holm is a gentle and positive girl who willingly gives of herself. She expresses many elements in her art; seriousness, warmth, humour, optimism and care. She goes in depth of the human soul and expresses this in her positive and often naive paintings both with respect to nature, interior, animal motives and hunam relations. Though the whole colour spectre she describes her Africa from a positive side.

  (By Kirsten Julie Smådahl textile artist)

Leif Stavik PDF Print Email
Friday, 27 February 2009 14:40

Fatma Issa Holm has through her poetry and visual expression harvested amply of her Africa background and ideas. In her Norwegian life she is inspired by completely different impressions. Thus an original expression is created that is Fatma`s alone.

( By Leif Stavik )


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